One of the most important treatments our dentists and team provide are dental cleanings and exams. When your child visits our office for their regular appointments, we will provide them with a thorough dental cleaning and checkup to help keep their mouth and smile healthy. This appointment will consist of:

We recommend that you bring your child in for a dental cleaning and exam every six months, though we may recommend more frequent visits depending on your child’s oral health needs. This regular preventive care will help your child maintain good oral health and learn good oral habits, as well as allowing our dentists to monitor your child’s oral growth and development. It will also allow us to diagnose and treat any developing problems in the earliest stages of development. We also encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if your child has a dental emergency or experiences any kind of dental pain or injury.

Call us today to make your child’s appointment and find out more about the benefits of pediatric dental cleanings and exams!